Looking for Veterans this weekend for Nationwide Mental Health Campaign in NYC

Here’s a chance to help our Nation’s Veterans get the support and resources they’ve earned through their service. Make the Connection has already successfully filmed scores of Veterans and their families and we would love to hear from you! With love, Emotion Technology

The details…

  • Veteran of any branch, any service dates
  • Can speak to some kind of mental health related support (i.e., counseling, therapy)
  • Availability for filming on June 22, 23, or 24
  • Will receive $100.00 for your time. Family members welcome to participate (also eligible for $100.00) 

If you know of anyone who might be interested please call (347) 620-2058 or email meredith@emotiontechnology.com.



The suicide prevention poem by Paul Rooney:

Suicide Prevention Poem THE GOOD LIFE

Our lives have never been better
We believe this to the letter
We’re all a little richer
Ain’t this such a pretty picture
But what we’ve hidden from view
No one wants to pursue
You see the pain is held inside
And this means it can’t subside
So many seek an escape
Which they can’t communicate
So I’m gonna save a soul
The only way I know
I must help them to awake
Before it is too late