Beautiful words from Tsarina on LiveJournal.

I don’t watch Glee, because there are so many reasons I can’t. But I hear a lot about it, because one of my best friends writes really interesting things about the show and its place in current culture and fandom and art and the world. So I sort of know, more or less, what is generally happening because it fills up Tumblr and my friendslist. That’s nice in a way, because I can learn about the cool stuff and read the good fic without having to actually watch the show and deal with how hard it punches my buttons about high school.

Today that’s really goddamn hard. Because apparently the most recent episode of Glee deals with suicide.


Every story is different. You just absolutely do not know what it will take to break you until it comes.

  1. nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident said: It was hard for me too. I didn’t know that the episode was going to be about suicide and although I’m not GLBTQ, I know what it’s like to want to kill yourself and the episode really touched me in a lot of ways. I’m glad they addressed it though.