Saving Souls

She says she’s fine,
But I can see her pain.
He says he’s clean,
But I can see his scars.
She says she’s ugly,
But I can see her beauty.
He says he’s fat,
But I can see his bones.
They say they’ve forgotten,
But I can see their demons…

They ride on his back,
They whisper in…


Got this today and cosign it completely. Never be afraid to:

  • Acknowledge your struggle
  • Tell people when you need help
  • Let your friend know that you care about them


First off, I need to let you know that I’m SO glad that this Tumblr exists. Change, safety, and positivity will not happen if discourse is not encouraged first.

#Unafraid. is a social media movement to raise awareness for and encourage the reduction of the negative stigma surrounding issues of mental health. All someone has to do is say to the world, “I am UNAFRAID to publicly acknowledge my mental health issue, or I am UNAFRAID to publicly acknowledge my support of mental health without negative stigma.” They do this by contributing to visible social media—like Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter—a photo of themselves with the word “Unafraid” showing on their hand, or on a piece of paper.

With #Unafraid, I hope to bring mental health issues out of the shadows and into a positive public arena. Seeing actual faces of support will encourage others to do the same. Be mindful, be fearless; Stop the stigma!

If you feel that your followers could benefit from knowing about and participating in #Unafraid, I encourage you here at Conversation on Mental Health to post and promote our movement.



Reasons Not To Kill Yourself:

- There are people who need you , even when you might don’t see it right now, or because they might don’t show, they do. Even people from you didn’t expected it.

- Music. Always trust on Music. Music will be there for you, I’ll promise, it will get you trough the…

Words from someone struggling with depression. So necessary.